Are your taking advantage of the best investments sourced globally?

Cashel House actively manages capital, asset allocation and investment selection to protect and grow your generational wealth.

When you invest with a family office, you invest alongside and on the same terms as each of our families and staff. We are invested together in our collective success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Personal assets are those best described as lifestyle assets, such as your primary place of recidence, motor vehicle or holiday home.
  • Market assets are those assets that are invested in market assets that rise and fall with markets generally, and
  • Aspirational assets are those that you are likely in full or partial control of, such as your business. They typically have much higher levels of risk and hopefully higher levels of return.
Through Cashel House you can invest in any asset class, over 40 different stock exchanges, over 1,000 managed funds, in cash accounts with a variety of banks, and over 4,000 different companies.
No one investment portfolio is the same. However in the main they will include an allocation to each of the following asset classes:
  • Cash
  • Term Deposits
  • Real Estate
  • Australian and International Managed Funds
  • Australian and International Shares
  • Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Special Situations.

The allocation to each will depend on your risk profile, experience, liquidity needs and personal interests.

A separately managed account is an investment mandate that enables Cashel House to invest in direct shares, but to actively manage them without interruption to you for each re-balance, exit and new investment. This enables you to hold shares directly in your name, without the additional costs of a fund manager.

Cashel House operates 3 discrete separately managed account strategies:

  • Cashel Special Situations
  • Cashel Private Portfolio
  • Cashel Global Special Investments.

Through its partnership with Bank of New York Mellon, Cashel House can buy and sell shares just like a stock broker. However unlike a stock broker Cashel House is engaged by you to protect and grow your wealth, rather than to actively buy and sell shares to generate a brokerage fee.

Cashel House is an active investment manager. We seek to constantly review your investment portfolio, the investments and investment themes it is invested in, and the proportion of investments versus cash that you may hold at any time. It is this last difference that makes Cashel House an active investment manager. In times of confidence we seek to invest in growing markets, in times of weakness and uncertainty we seek to reduce investment positions and hold funds in cash accounts while markets reduce. Because of this Cashel House can be more costly.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are investment strategies that invest in specific exchanges or sectors. At all time they must be invested in the investment strategy specific to its mandate. Because of this, each time they receive further funds they need to invest it in their investment strategy regardless of whether the markets are expensive or not. While ETF can be cheaper, they can often lead to lower returns than an active asset manager.

Your assets are held safely either within a custody account with J.P. Morgan (one of the 3 largest custodian banks in the world), or in a securities account with Bank of New York Mellon (the largest custodian bank in the world).

Through one of Cashel House’s audited platforms overseen by third party trustee’s and with global custody arrangements.