Cashel House is a family owned financial services business that works within the scope of offering a family ethos across investment advice, structuring and financial products to its select clients. Whether you are a family looking to utilise our family office products or a private individual looking for unbiased financial and structuring advice, we have the one contact point to navigate you through the current issues facing the industry.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore, we offer domestic and international institutions access to our key relationships in Australia and greater South East Asia through our proprietary research and execution products.

Cashel’s trusted and responsive advisers work closely with each client through the firm’s divisions:



The company name Cashel, originates in Irish history and literally refers to a fortress and strengthened castle where someone would keep their valuables, such as cash and coins.

Cashel House has established itself around a key point of difference to competitors. Where appropriate it always seeks to invest its own capital to deliver strategic opportunities for its clients not previously offered in the market. This philosophy has enabled Cashel to expand beyond principle investments and corporate advisory to incorporate a suite of family office and offerings.



Trust is a very important part of any relationship but is always incredibly hard to justify up front and thus we rely on the comfort that the family office has grown over a long period of time and in the knowledge that the products, services, structures and advice is something that we are already using ourselves and thus our client’s interests are aligned with our own.  To further this approach, our product providers are predominately external and we talk and communicate with them weekly to ensure our money is being managed in the way that it is intended, all our investments are held under custodian with a third party and accessed online through the internet for your convenience. Additionally all our internal products are administered by an external trustee for a true arm’s length approach.



Operating from offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore, Cashel House manages capital flows and business opportunities across the Asia-Pacific region.

Cashel has in place a number of key relationships, enabling it to reach into high growth global markets. In keeping with Cashel’s core philosophy these strategic relationships open up new opportunities for our clients, enabling them to reach goals and objectives.

Cashel’s operating philosophy is enhanced with a strong culture of risk mitigation centered on our client focused approach.


Cashel is active across a broad range of countries and industry sectors, continually looking for market mispricing opportunities consistent with its investment philosophy.

Each carefully tailored investment opportunity is passed through a series of internal and external checks – including market testing and due diligence – before it is offered to clients. As an investor alongside clients, we have a vested interest in the successful outcome for these carefully chosen investment opportunities.