Financial Planning, Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation Advice

Our Financial Planning process is designed to identify your current financial position, risk tolerance and objectives. Through this we work with you to execute on the following key themes:


•    Portfolio structuring;

•    Portfolio reviews;

•    Asset allocation;

•    Gearing;

•    Cash flow budgeting,

•    Succession planning;

•    Estate planning;

•    Lifestyle planning; and

•    Other similar financial planning and administration advice.


Depending on your desired objectives and risk tolerance we will engage with you on:


•    Full fee for service, portfolio under advice service.

•    A brokerage basis only, or


The former will enable Cashel to design and manage a full portfolio with asset allocation matched to your individual risk profile and objectives. This will include investment in both direct and indirect investments, domestically and internationally.


Cashel utilizes both external independent research and internal research produced by our Institutional Research Sales team to support investment decision making. Our independent research is sourced from a number of non-product aligned providers. An example being MorningStar.

Administration and Reporting Services

Cashel is able to assist in the administration and reporting management of your investment portfolio. We maintain two levels of services, namely:


• Cashel WRAP – an externally managed WRAP portfolio system that supports reporting for sophisticated, retail and SMSF clients through direct, indirect and alternative asset classes.


• Cashel Administered Portfolio Services (CAPS) – an in-house portfolio reporting system, suited to equities only clients.

Equities, Derivatives and Options Execution

Cashel is able to invest on your behalf on over 30 major exchanges globally. This ensures we have access to investment ideas not limited to the Australian market and reflective of high growth markets not available locally.

Alternative and Unlisted Investment Advice

Cashel has a long history and involvement with advising corporate’s and institutions in investing in unlisted or private equity investments. This same experience can be leveraged into our private clients.

Managed Funds

Through our Cashel WRAP service we are able to provide access to in excess of 1,500 leading funds and fund managers. These funds include assets such as direct and international equities, real estate, alternatives investments and other commodity investments. Use of managed funds together with direct equities is a key fundamental to Cashel’s asset allocation and portfolio management philosophy.

Credit Services including Mortgage Broking and Debt Arrangement

Cashel is able to support both private clients and corporate’s with regulated and non-regulated lending services. Either acting as broker or engaged on a fee for services, Cashel is able to assist with:


•    Residential and Commercial Real Estate Loans: Through our relationship with FAST. We are able to broker residential and commercial real estate mortgages with in excess of 25 lenders on our accredited credit panel


•    Equipment Loans: Either for personal or business use we have a wide range of accredited lenders


•    Business and Construction Loans: We are accredited with both domestic and international banking institutions from which we can broker or advice on lending arrangement needs


•    Non-Bank, Subordinated and High Yield Loans: We have deep and extensive relationships with domestic and international fixed income, non-bank, financial investors and institutions.


•    Margin Loans: To support your existing investment portfolio Cashel can provide access to a wide range of margin loan providers.

Insurance and Risk Advice

Cashel can assist with referring you to our preferred Insurance Broker.

Taxation Services

Taxation is an important aspect of your financial plan as such we can refer you to taxation professionals that can work with us to structure the optimum outcome.

Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning is an important aspect of your financial plan and as such we have developed relationships with leading law firms for which we can refer you to.



Corporate finance, supported by our credit executives are able to support small to mid-cap corporate’s with the following:


•    Merger and Acquisitions

•    Equity Arrangement

•    Debt Arrangement

•    General strategic and operational advice



Focused on providing insightful research to small and mid-cap institutional funds. Cashel Institutional Research Sales team has quickly established a wide range of both fund and investee relationships to provide greater insight and capital flows. Working with Corporate Finance they assist in supporting corporate clients and institutional investors.



Cashel is working to develop a series of investments funds available for clients to invest in. These include specific focuses on:


•    Small Cap

•    Mid Cap



Cashel has an active history of investing in micro-cap and small cap investments that don’t compete with institutional or private clients, and/or co-invest alongside clients. The investment mandate enables Cashel to play a lead role in making opportunities investor ready through actively improving the operations and strategy of the businesses invested in.